Sadhguru’s Miracles

Sadhguru’s Miracles

Sadhguru's Miracles

Sadhguru puts it the most aptly, “In one way, there are no miracles in life. But, if you look at life closely, everything in life is a miracle!”

Sadhguru has spent several lifetimes mastering yoga and becoming the enlightened one he is. A realized being is the Divinity in every sense. He knows and has mastered every aspect of life.

For us mere mortals, life is mired in our convoluted thoughts and self-generated misery. We never choose to pause and experience life. Our petty arrogance comes from the bookish knowledge and the foolish importance we give to our lives without knowing it. For us, even a few happy moments may seem miraculous. Yet, experiencing what is beyond physical has never happened to us. Due to our ignorance, even what is right in front of our eyes goes unnoticed. No wonder we miss the miracles happening all around us every moment.

Your very own perception of a moment is the only truth at that moment. And, there is only one ultimate truth – the source of creation, the Creator Himself. Therefore, when you are aware of the perceptions at every moment of your life, you will be in touch with the Creator. But unfortunately, we cannot manage to keep our stupid minds down for a moment. Therefore, we cannot perceive the moments that life presents us.

Since Sadhguru knows life intricately, for him, nothing is a miracle. When you know how something works, it will not be a miracle for you. Sadhguru knows every aspect of life. But, though he can manifest things we will consider a miracle, he never talks of his powers. For him, miracles are nothing more than a distraction. His goal is liberation from the cycles of birth and rebirth for every soul on this planet. To be capable of even thinking of such a goal is a miracle!

Sadhguru is the ultimate yogi who has performed sadhana for several lifetimes. Yoga can open up many possibilities for even a beginner yogi. For Sadhguru, there is nothing impossible.

The consecration of Dhyanalinga is a feat that many a yogi had been trying for thousands of years. However, the one who could bring Dhyanalinga into existence is Sadhguru. Is that not a miracle?

Sadhguru performs miracles before our eyes, and we never seem to acknowledge them. For example, everyone knows riding a motorcycle for a few hours causes back pain and tiredness. However, Sadhguru has been riding a motorcycle across twenty-seven nations on a 30,000 km journey without a day of rest. After riding continuously for eight hours or more, he often heads straight to a stadium full of people and gives a talk on saving soil for another couple of hours! Is that not a miracle?

People worldwide have been fighting with each other by identifying themselves with petty religions, race, skin color, and many more. In such an environment, Sadhguru singlehandedly manages to draw attention to the dying soil. He manages to motivate billions of people to join in his mission to save soil. When we cannot even make a few people agree on something, Sadhguru makes every person he meets agree to stop desertification. Is that not a miracle?

Sadhguru is surely capable of everything we consider miraculous. But, for him, those are just some things that he can do.