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Shakti Is The Most Powerful Divine Feminine Force

Shakti, a central concept in Hinduism, represents the divine feminine power and energy that underlies the entire universe. As the dynamic, creative force behind all existence, She is both the source and sustainer of life. In Hindu philosophy, She is the counterpart of the masculine principle, represented by Shiva. Their union signifies the ultimate balance…
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Shiva Puja Arti

Shiva Puja And Arti

Shiva Puja, also known as Shiva Abhishekam, is a ritualistic worship of Lord Shiva.  You can perform Shiva Puja at any time, but there are certain days and occasions when it is especially auspicious to perform the puja. For example, Mondays are the most auspicious day for worshipping Lord Shiva, and many devotees perform Shiva…
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Tantra is misunderstood in the West

Tantra Is Misunderstood in The West

People often associate tantra with using rituals, mantras, and other techniques to tap into and channel the energy and power of the universe. They see it as a way to achieve spiritual growth, enlightenment, and unity with the divine. We find it in Hinduism and Buddhism, although it has also influenced other regional spiritual traditions.…
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Kailash The Most Sacred Mountain

Is There God?

If you believe there is God, in a way, you are right. If you believe there is no God, in a way, you are also right. Either way, if you only believe, you admit that you do not know. If you choose just to believe, you close the doors to finding the truth. Is it…
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