Who Is Sadhguru

Who Is Sadhguru

Sadhguru - The Mystic

India has produced innumerable sages and mystics in the last fifteen thousand years. These enlightened beings have guided humanity on the path of spiritualism to encourage every individual towards their own enlightenment.

However, most enlightened beings had led a secluded life. That was mostly because there were no means, like the internet, to reach to a large number of people. Therefore, as far as the outside world could see, their teachings were confined to the small number of disciples. But, all sages created consecrated spaces and energy points that humanity can benefit from even today, after thousands of years!

One such enlightened being, who is amongst us today, is Sadhguru. His enlightenment and mystic powers result from rigorous meditation and yoga for several lifetimes. According to Sadhguru, he got this life to fulfill his guru’s dream to consecrate Dhyanalinga, which sages had been trying to do for the last fifteen hundred years.

Sadhguru would have left his body after completing the consecration of Dhyanalinga if not for the pleading by the people around him to spread his wisdom. Sadhguru, who dreams of consecrating the whole planet, saw the opportunity in the world today and embarked upon helping humanity overcome its limitations. He became an instant sensation to rock the internet. He has been advocating and teaching meditation to thousands of people every year. But that is not all he does.

Sadhguru, with his deep wisdom, understands the root causes of the issues facing humanity today. Therefore, he has successfully launched many projects by involving an evergrowing army of volunteers internationally. Collectively, they have planted millions of trees and cleaned up many rivers in India. In addition, Sadhguru has been working on the Save Soil project for more than two decades. He sees the degradation of the soil as the major reason for hunger and poor nourishment in the coming decades.

The Save Soil – Conscious Planet project touches the whole planet. Sadhguru sees the impact of deforestation and bad agricultural practices that have degraded the soil by eliminating biodiversity. The soil can be nourished only if it is covered with vegetation and supplied with organic waste from animals. If the soil is not nourished, it will become sand and unfit for agriculture or plant growth. Without agriculture, there would be mass hunger worldwide as the population increases and food production decreases.

Interestingly, according to Sadhguru, fertile soil is an excellent carbon sink that can help to tackle global warming. Therefore, the absorption of carbon by the soil would help fight climate change. The far-reaching impacts of Sadhguru’s Save Soil project are practical and easy to achieve if there is global awareness about it. Sadhguru is embarking upon a solo motorcycle ride from London to India to spread his message. Let us all join him in making this world a better place for our children.