Why Humans Eat Meat

Why Humans Eat Meat

Why Humans Eat Meat

To put it mildly: they eat meat because of their sheer ignorance and arrogance.

Only humans feel no remorse in hurting another living being as long as they can subdue that being. Killing another living being is allowed even by law when the killing pertains to self-defense. But killing another living creature for mere carnal pleasures is cruelty, nothing else. Unfortunately, most humans hurt other living creatures just because they can.

People, who eat meat, often cite that the animals they eat are “killed humanely.” But, first, how can any killing be done humanely? What does that even mean?

A common perception is that it does not feel any pain because the animals get killed by a machine in seconds. Little do these people know that animals can sense danger way before humans can even imagine.

When the tsunami hit Southern India in 2004, hundreds of people died as they were caught unaware. However, no stray cattle, dogs, or other creatures died because they all sensed the oncoming danger and moved to higher lands on their own! How was that possible if not for their immense sense that perceives danger? Humans are more ignorant than animals.

When an animal perceives danger, there is an instant spike in the release of the stress hormones, giving rise to the flight or fight survival instincts. Because of the spike in hormone levels, even an injured animal can sprint away to save its life from a predator.

When the animals are being taken for slaughter, they all sense the oncoming danger to their lives, and their stress hormone levels shoot up. Since these animals can neither fight nor flight, the stress hormones build up in their muscles. When they get slaughtered, those hormones stay in the flesh that people eat. Do you see a connection to why those who eat meat are more stressed out these days than vegetarians?

Another excuse that I have heard people cite is that they are helping Nature keep the animal population in check by killing the animals. The fact is, Nature does not need any help from humanity. Nature did wonderfully well before humanity was around on this planet. So, likewise, it would do wonderfully well if humanity were not around. It is the sheer arrogance of humans even to think that they can do anything to help Nature.