Who Is A Guru?

Who Is A Guru?

Who Is A Guru?

Guru is a Sanskrit word that has found its place for common usage even in the English language. Unfortunately, the casual use of this word is also one of the reasons that it has lost its deep significance. 

In the literal sense, a guru is a dispeller of darkness that arises from ignorance. Humans, in general, are ignorant about knowing their true selves. A guru shows the path to enlightenment and liberation of human consciousness. In India, the guru is considered someone higher than God because it is the guru who leads one to God or the Ultimate Self. Without a guru, it is almost impossible to attain enlightenment.

More commonly, a teacher is often referred to as a guru. However, the Sanskrit word for a teacher is Adhyapak, someone who imparts information. Therefore, a guru is way above an Adhyapak in terms of knowledge and capabilities. 

Only an enlightened person can lead someone else to enlightenment. Therefore, a true guru would have spent several lifetimes in sadhana and austerity to attain their own enlightenment. 

Unfortunately, you might find many quacks who call themselves gurus. Such people have tarnished the very meaning and significance of the word guru. For this reason and sheer caution, people nowadays stay away from those who call themselves a guru. No wonder they throw the baby with the bathtub, not realizing that a true diamond may also exist amongst billions of rocks.

One example of a true living guru is Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. He is a world-renowned mystic who has spent more than four decades raising human consciousness. 

The world is blessed to have Sadhguru, a truly enlightened being amongst us today.