What Is Life?

What Is Life?

What Is Life?

As Sadhguru explains, you weighed just a few pounds when you were born. However, with time you have grown into a much larger and heavier body that you carry around. What has made this growth possible?

Your growth was made possible by the food that you ate. Interestingly, the body you have gathered is nothing but a heap of food you have eaten and digested. Therefore, as Sadhguru says, what you have gathered can only be yours but cannot be you. Also, since all food comes from the soil in one way or another, your body is just soil as well.

Similarly, your mind is a heap of impressions that it has gathered until now. Since the mind is also what you have gathered over time, it can be yours, but it cannot be you!

Therefore, you are not the body. You are not the mind either since these are just what you gathered after birth. So, who are you – or the “I” that you call yourself?

If the body and the mind are heaps of food and impressions, there has to be some other entity that keeps the mind and the body functioning in sync.

In His mystical ways, Sadhguru explains this further.

He says if he takes a piece of food in his hands and, in a few moments, converts that into a human being, who would you think he is? You would say He is the Creator Himself. Right? Well, when we eat food, this is what we all do every day. We eat the food, and within a few hours, it gets converted into our body, making it grow! So, therefore, the source of Creation is right within us! That source of Creation, or the Intelligence within us, is also what we call Consciousness.

He says life is the little part of Consciousness that you have captured. To put it very simply, for the sake of understanding, he says our lives are like soap bubbles. The size of the bubble depends on how profound our life is. These bubbles give us our individuality. But just as the soap bubbles are ephemeral, the bubble of life also pops sooner or later. You could say this is my bubble, and this is your bubble. But when the bubbles pop, there is no my air or your air. Similarly, when the bubble of life pops, there is no my life and your life. There is just life.