Oh Soil!

Oh Soil!

Oh Soil!

Oh soil, oh soil, so rich and so fair

The very foundation of life, without you there’d be no air

You feed our crops and our plants, you give them a place to grow

Without you, we’d all be lost, with nowhere to go

You hold onto our water, you keep it in place

You help to filter out pollutants, and keep our world pure and clean

You support all forms of life, from the smallest bug to the tallest tree

Oh soil, oh soil, you are the key

But oh, how we take you for granted, and treat you with disdain

We overuse you, we abuse you, we cause you so much pain

But there is still hope, there is still time

To turn things around, and make things fine

We can protect you, we can nurture you, we can give you the care you need

We can plant trees, we can reduce waste, we can plant the seed

We can preserve you, we can cherish you, we can make sure you thrive

Oh soil, oh soil, let us keep you alive!