Living Life The Right Way

Living Life The Right Way

Living Life The Right Way

Life is short. Yes, if you are really living every moment it! What does that mean?

Have you watched children playing in a group in a park or the village streets, sometimes? You might have noticed that it did not matter if those children were from poor or well-to-do families. When they are playing, all they are aware of is their play! Of course, they might fall and get hurt sometimes, but as if none of that matters. What matters for them is playing! And you would notice that every time they are playing, they are having the time of their life! When the game is over, they feel elated, as if they accomplished something big in life. Don’t kids always say why the playtime is so short?

Now, imagine another kid who had been grumpy and decided not to join the other children in their game. This kid would complain that the others have been playing for so long!

Unfortunately, we are not kids anymore when we grow up, but most grown-ups are kiddish because of their grumpiness about life.

The secret to living a great life is enjoying every moment you can. Not that you will not fall and get hurt in the game of your life, but just like the children do, it is better to get up, dust up quickly and get back in the game without crying!

Is it all about yourself, though? When you have a good game of your life going on and one that you are enjoying with all your heart, you invariably invite others to join in with you. Pure joy is contagious, and not only can you not contain it, but you would intentionally spread it around. If you do spread your joy joyfully, you automatically become free of your karma, which leads to even more happiness in this life and forever.

In this day and age, social norms have become more of a burden than uplifting. As a result, people consider suppressing their emotions an etiquette. They do not laugh or cry uninhibitedly. The curse of social media has reduced laughing out loud to just being a three-letter code LOL that does not bring even a little smile on their face. Emojis do not have emotions. If your means of communication is through emojis, you do not have to imagine the boredom in your life. You are living it.

You do not need to be overtly or overly spiritual to bring meaning to your life. However, if you experience and enjoy every moment of your life without complaining about it, you would be better off than most who call themselves spiritual.

Now how to experience every moment? To start with, do not hesitate to take action if the action does not hurt anyone. Say if you want to splurge on some fancy stuff, think if that would hurt anyone. If not, and if you want to, just go ahead and get what you want! It is your money, your life, and your decision. It is better to take a decision now before it gets too late. However, be responsible for your every action and every moment. Once you empower yourself with this attitude, you will realize that you are the master of your life. You can steer it in whichever direction is the most meaningful for you.

Secondly, do not just believe in things without questioning. Find out for yourself if they are true. It does not matter who says or what you read – if there is a doubt, it is better to question and clarify it. As long as you carry doubts, you will not live your life the way you should.

Yes, you will encounter people who will bring negativity to your life. However, there is no point in arguing with them or hating them. Just be indifferent to them. They will have to manage their karma eventually as there is no escape from the law of karma.

If you are happy at heart and joyful from within, you would not have to depend on others to make you happy. Similarly, others will not be able to make you unhappy either. Pure joy from within is like a very strong magnet that draws others to join in with you. And the more you spread that joy, the greater it becomes for yourself.