The Fate of The Corrupt

The Fate of The Corrupt

The Fate of The Corrupt

Having power over others is an intoxication like no other. The thirst for power has been the major reason for all conflicts worldwide throughout history. So if politics had ensnared even the kingdom of Rama, its ever-growing mesh in the current corrupt environment is indeed no surprise.

The power to rule over others is usurped by using financial strength, physical strength, or accession to a position of authority in a government. Even though, and more often than not, there are rules of the game in place at every level, corruption in politics is a means to ignore or thwart those rules.

The limits of a civilized society would enforce politics to be within the confines of the rules and regulations. One would not expect the other party to cheat. Politics would be like playing a chess game with full honesty in such an environment.

The modern world, unfortunately, has thrown civility out of the window. Even the results of elections won fair and square are not accepted. Unfortunately, the United States has been a victim of such a farce.

What enables the leaders to be savagely unfair is the support of those who cannot think independently. A loud voice is enough to sway such people into believing the biggest lie. It gets worse if the glamour of some sort accompanies that loud voice. All a corrupt politician does is make a population segment believe that they are a victim of some sort. These people begin to view that political person as their savior. Their behavior encourages that politician to be even more savage.

A brainwashed segment of a population is hard to convince into believing reality. Such a population can understand neither the guile of corrupt politicians nor the wisdom of the sane politicians. Therefore, it is better to leave that population to its own. Only time would jolt them into accepting reality one day.

But as long as the brainwashed segment of the population exists, the corrupt politicians would exploit them incessantly. So becoming more savage is also the only way for the corrupt to survive as much as possible. Therefore, the only way out of the corrupt political leaders’ clutches is the rise of more responsible leaders—the young and educated need to step into politics to thwart the corrupt influence.

Fortunately, in the court of God, however, justice is inevitable. Eventually, even the mightiest have to meet their fate on their deathbed. It is then that they realize the futility of their bad actions. There is a belief that one can sense what after death would be like when one is on their deathbed. Even if only for a few moments, realizing the results of their corrupt actions on the deathbed is excruciatingly painful. At that stage, no wealth, no power, no tricks are of any use. The bad karma collected delivers nothing but several lifetimes of pain and sorrow. And, there is no way out of that.