Social Behavior

Social Behavior

Social Behavior

Those who rush after capitalism ignore the impact of their zeal on the planet. As a result, people close their eyes when confronted with the worsening climate change. However, some ceaselessly go on planting trees to redress the harm done by capitalistic zeal.

The pulls of the society in different directions are similar to those of the ants carrying their food. With their small brains of about 250,000 neurons, the ants understand only the need to pull on a piece of food towards themselves. Their pull may not necessarily be in the direction they should be taking the piece of food. So, that piece of food gets carried over in the direction with the most ants pulling towards themselves. In a way, their collective brainpower makes it possible to take the piece of food to their desired location.

Unfortunately, human society seems to be not much different than ants. We together cannot understand what is good for us all. Different vested interests are in a tug of war with philanthropic interests all the time.

Sadly, the sheer ignorance about the efficacy of masks and vaccines has let the Coronavirus pandemic linger, and there seems to be no end to it. If everyone could have taken the simplest precautions and gotten themselves vaccinated, the pandemic by now could have become a thing of the past. Instead, the pandemic has now become endemic. Unfortunately, the ones who suffer the most are also the ones resisting precautions and embracing ignorance. Eventually, those with the maximum pull will prevail, or everyone will perish collectively.

The resistance to accept the impact of climate change is wreaking havoc by the day. Each time the cyclones and hurricanes are stronger than before. Wildfires have consumed city after city. Coastal regions are drowning as the global temperature rises. But, despite all these playing out in front of our eyes and impacting us physically, many people still would not believe in taking steps to control climate change. But, on the other hand, those who understand have been taking bold initiatives individually. They plant thousands of trees and recycle every small bit that they can.

Therefore, what is the way out?

Just as the ants require more of them pulling the piece of food in the direction they need to go, we humans need more of us who can take us towards better and safer times. Unfortunately, there will always be people pulling us in the other direction, but that should not deter those who have the best collective intentions for humanity.