Is There Justice for All

Is There Justice for All

Is There Justice for All

It often seems that the laws and regulations are enforced only on the weak. As a result, a minor violation of law often lands a poor person behind bars while the rich defy even the most stringent laws with impunity. Moreover, their wealth empowers them to bend the laws to meet their whims and interests while the others end up being mere onlookers.

Unfortunately, the lack of justice is prevalent, or at least it seems so, in the natural world also.

The faith leaders fail to satisfactorily answer why one is born in a low-income family and leads a miserable life even though they lead a very devout life. Yet, on the other hand, those born to rich parents flaunt their wealth and disdain for the poor without remorse. The poor often spend their lives praying and pleading to God for help, while the rich may not even pretend to be pious. Still, the poor ones are the sufferers. Where is justice in this world?

The law of karma is the only rational explanation to have solved the mystery of how justice is delivered.

Modern science is in sync with the law of karma, which says every action engenders a reaction. Therefore, whatever action you do, the results of that action will get delivered to you without fail. Of course, one may face the results immediately after an action has been completed or sometime in the future, but the consequences of the action are inevitable. According to the law of karma, good intentions generate merit, and bad intentions behind an action generate demerits. Therefore, when you earn merits for your actions, you get happiness in return, while the demerits would return you pain and sorrow.

But what is the point if someone powerful intentionally causes pain and suffering to others while enjoying their own life? Unfortunately, that often seems the case with many political leaders these days. What if these perpetrators of crime die before justice gets delivered to them?

The concept of rebirth is deeply ingrained in the Hindu Dharma. The results of actions that could not be delivered while alive get delivered to that person in the next life, which would take the form according to one’s past karma. Therefore, if someone dies after intentionally causing pain and suffering to any living being, they could be born as a lower life form and get subjected to the same suffering they caused to others.

You and I, and so must have these seemingly immune to justice people, done something good in our past lives, that we have ended up as humans in this life. Being ignorant, those who do not understand karma become enamored of the power and wealth and end up with low life in their future. The world may not get the chance to see them suffer because of their misdeeds, but they certainly get to face their karma.

If you think there is no such thing as rebirth, you are not alone. But, unfortunately, most of the west does not understand the knowledge and experience that abound in the east. The law of karma and rebirth are explained in almost every Hindu scripture. Even modern age yogis who are alive today, like Sri M, attest to the experiences of their past lives, which proves rebirth. Anyone can be a yogi, and after good evolution in the yogic world, can remember their past lives.

Therefore, justice is inevitable. There is no way out. It is beyond the capacity of most humans, again because of their past karma, that they cannot understand what their actions would entail. Hence, they end up repeating the vicious circle of life after death.