Living together in a tribe helps to survive. The strength in numbers makes it possible to defeat the dangers around. It helps to collectively procure and secure the necessities of life.

However, a cult is not the same as a tribe. Why do people choose a cult like following against a more rational behavior?

The fact that COVID-19 can be fatal, especially for the elderly and people with pre-existing health complications, is not a secret, especially after almost ten months of the pandemic raging on. However, thousands of people in the US, the most advanced nation globally, choose to ignore the coronavirus.

Many of the people who willfully ignore the consequences of getting sick by the virus are not illiterate. Even when reporters questioned their behavior, they aver that they would rather believe Donald Trump than the facts. Is it a normal behavior when they ignore a deadly virus to show their support to someone who is famously incompassionate?

In the natural world, every creature tries to protect against all danger. Why would human beings, the smartest creatures, willfully ignore a deadly virus? Why does death not deter them? What do they try to prove?

There must be some scientific reason that causes this behavior from the Trump supporters. Why do they believe that the virus would not harm them? Do they think Donald Trump would protect them from the virus? It is not about politics. It is not about being a democrat or a republican. The virus does not care if one is rich or poor or a man or a woman.

Tribes bring people together to fend off danger and increase their chances of survival collectively. Every action is to ensure its survival.

But behavior that leads the tribe to its end would not be normal. Even if Donald Trump supporters may not be a tribe, their collective behavior to let themselves be harmed by the virus cannot be called normal.

If we can help our fellow human beings understand the consequences of their behavior to themselves, we might help them save their lives.

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