Is Deceiving Normal?

You might think, should that even be a question. You are right. What would you say if the question was about deceiving the very people who support you?

The simple answer is no. It is not normal behavior to deceive. A compassionate person would not be able to convince themselves to betray the trust of their supporters.

Let us take the example of Ted Cruz, the Republican senator from Texas. I assume that he must have convinced his wife someday that he would protect her respect and stand up to anyone who disrespects her. And that is what he pretended to do when Donald Trump called his wife ugly. I say that he pretended to do that because once Trump won the presidency in 2016, Cruz flipped and went in to support Trump wholeheartedly. What must have happened to the promise he might have, if at all, to his wife? Even more puzzling is that his wife lets him do that. Is it a normal human behavior?

Could it be the insecurity within these people that forces them to give up on their very people they supposedly love? I am not a psychologist and, therefore, cannot come to the right conclusion. We would appreciate some thoughts and comments from a real psychologist.

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