The Socialism Stigma

It seems, and for bizarre reasons, socialism has been stigmatized.
According to the dictionary,

Socialism is the theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community.

Why is socialism so despised when the truth is that none of us would have survived without it?

Socialism is the backbone of society. Without socialism, society itself would cease to exist the way we know it. We all eagerly use the concept of socialism in daily lives until it comes to a point where we may seem to be required to share with the others.

As a parent, do you not share what you earn with your family? You would not hesitate to share at least a part of your money with your family and loved ones. But if a small amount of sharing is asked for the society as a whole, which means with people who may not be our loved ones, the tendency to oppose the need to share springs up out of nowhere.

Is insurance not a form of socialism? The money collected by all the insured ends up helping the ones who may need help. The sad part is we willingly let the insurance company usurp a big part of the shared pool.

But when the same concept is applied to buying health insurance, suddenly people tend to pick up arms and start calling it socialism.

Believe it or not, the government is like the parent in a family. Like a parent, the government enforces discipline and protects people against enemies and diseases. We all pay taxes that help to build the infrastructure that everyone uses.

The politicians, especially the Republicans, stigmatize socialism even though they all quietly usurped a significant share of the two trillion dollars that the government approved for coronavirus relief. None of them complained about the government hand outs to their businesses.

Unfortunately, people keep falling for the misinformation and, as a result, are left bereft of the benefits that a bit of socialism can bring.

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