Empowering Ignorance

Illiteracy and ignorance are not crimes. But nature has bestowed a basic sense of security to all living beings. Even a small insect would try to protect itself from something that can hurt or kill it.

Ignorance can prove to be fatal by itself. Imagine the consequences if we empower it enough to overrule the fundamental sense of logic.

Those who may not have heard about the coronavirus infection’s ramifications may not be looked down upon if they become infected. Their ignorance would not be their fault, as not everybody has access to information or the resources to educate oneself.

The people at Donald Trump’s election rallies cannot be said to be ignorant about the coronavirus, especially after almost eight months of the pandemic in full swing. They do owe the responsibility of willfully choosing to ignore the consequences of coronavirus infection.

However, since even a small insect can sense danger, the fact that people are willfully ignoring the danger maybe because they have been severely misguided and ill-informed by the ones they are following. The Republicans are putting their followers at severe risk for sheer political expediency. Is this not being criminal?

The people who have ignored the safety guidelines in these rallies have empowered their ignorance and surrendered their basic security sense. Such behavior is not normal.

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