Know Thy Enemy Within

The first step to overcome the enemy within us is to know the enemy and acknowledge its presence.

If we cannot understand the enemy or refuse to acknowledge its presence, it can prove detrimental to ourselves, primarily if the enemy resides within us.

The enemy within us is our tendency to close our eyes and ears to the facts that may seem to contradict our own beliefs or understanding. As soon as we hear or see that we do not like, our first attempt is to prove somehow the other person as wrong.

We tend to justify what we know. We do not like to verify what we know.

Let us open up our minds to the new realities and facts of the world. The politicians are no one’s friends. There is no point in pledging our allegiance to them.

Our collective actions determine our destinies. If we have to survive and prosper, there is no way other than caring for each other. Constant conflicts and refusals to acknowledge the facts will prove fatal, literally. Until we come together to protect ourselves, the tiny virus will destroy the world as we know it.

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